How to Calculate your Working Capital and Revenue From Time to Time to Get Big Profits?

calculate working capital

Regardless of a business’ size, or its industry genre, working capital continues to play a significant role as a metric to assess its short-term financial health. With India’s start-up base contributing to it being one of the major economies across the world, the working capital requirements are now at an all-time high. Much can be attributed to the fact that working capital acts as the financial pivot for any business. It is well substantiated by RBI’s new ‘Guidelines on loan system for delivery of credit’ that is expected to bring…

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Advertisement services are essential to promote business effectively

Modernization has equipped every area all around. Whenever a person is sitting outside, they will be able to see that multiple things which they canutilizein multi ways. You can take the example of escalators. In earlier times, these escalators were used as staircase only. But now escalator advertising has also proven out to be a boon to society. Yes, you read it right. Now Escalator advertising cost is much less as compared to other means available. In market, there are multiple services available through which you can promote the business.…

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