Top List Of Popular Imessage Games And How To Play Them

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The iMessage app offers the ability for the user to play games with their friends through messaging platform instead of installing a separate application. Nowadays, iMessage is not only applicable just for sending messages immediately or sharing stickers or emojis. However, it deals with playing simplified games to get fun out of it. Here are lists of some popular games which you can include to entertain yourself throughout the day.

  1. MojiQuest

This game is quite different from others since it is highly ambitious. Players can able to create up their own character and then start out on quests to collect loot & get utmost experience out of it. This gameplay is based upon turn-based RPG-style battles and it offers distinct experience to get enjoyment with friends. By playing this game, you can able to discover the fantasy land of Moji along with your friends, solving puzzles and battling monsters.

  1. Fast Thumbs

Fast Thumbs is another imessage game which involves battling with your speedy fingers. The thing which you need to perform is to type as quick as possible, work to be much speedier as well as more accurate when compared to your friend. Well, you can get iMessage for PC download for free. In every round, you will be provided with 10 random sentences to type, selecting from different categories prior to start typing quickly. Scores will be based upon how you type and its speed, how many mistakes you create, general accuracy and consistency. In some tasks, you will be provided with punctuation and emojis which seems to be hard to accomplish. In order to unlock some extra segments, you have to pay $1.

  1. Four in a Row

This is another imessage game which is quite easy to play and fun filled. If you have never tried playing this game before then the idea seems to be quite simple. The player must drop yellow or red disks in the grid by aiming to become first to obtain four in a row. It is simple to learn and play quickly and hence suits the imessage platform abruptly. There is an adequate amount of strategies available in this game to get massive successes and it has the ability to obstruct your opponent person & outwit them.

  1. Cobi Hoops

This game is considered to be ambitiously played a basketball game. The major core of this game is to make you focus on scoring numerous baskets within the time duration of 30 seconds before your opponent takes up your chance. This game is free to download and hence you can able to unlock additional characters, bonus game modes, and levels for $2. This game comes with unlimited trials before betting with the opponent. This game basically provider single player experience.

  1. Checkmate

Want to play something more interesting and make your brain quite active than ever before? Then, you can try for checkmate imessage game. This game provides a simple platform to play your desired chess game easily. This classic chess game seems to be quite delighting for many people and hence encourages many people to think more regarding every move which they make. With aid of checkmate game, you can able to play numerous matches with other people simultaneously and enjoy syncing with various devices.

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