Temple Jewellery – Insight and Importance

Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is the excellence of art gifted to our society by a great artist. Have you ever thought about what inspired the man behind this art to create such a brilliant work for us? Let us know the evolution of temple jewellery. God the creator of this universe certainly deserves a perfect decoration, and thus temple ornaments came into existence.

Definitely, to wonderfully embellish the idols in the temple a simple piece of gold got carved into a magnificent trinket called temple jewellery. The way temple jewellery is ornamented on the deity from head to foot not only looks appealing to the disciples but also instigates him to forget the worldly matters and helps him to focus on the eternal peace. This very though may make one go for   temple jewellery buy online.

Origin of Temple Jewellery

Do you know? Temple jewellery has cultural significance, and the roots of Temple jewellery takes us to the Dravidian Civilization. Yes, the artistic brilliance of this civilization has presented us with temple-themed gold. Since people in South India from then knew the value of the Temple Jewellery, they wisely preserved it for years and added more value to it by decorating the deities in temples.

Chola Dynasty and Temple Jewellery

During the Chola period, Temple Jewellery got sophisticated and gleamed. In simple words, Cholas employed many skilled artisans and carved beautiful Temple Jewellery. They also erected many monuments to inherit the culture.

Divine Temple Jewellery originated during the Cholas Dynasty and Cholas gifted India with a priceless art. No words to express their outstanding quality work. Temple Jewellery used in temples indicates the traditional and cultural value of south Indian society.

Temple Jewellery in Modern Days

Yes, now you know the background of temple jewellery. You may want to go for temple jewellery sets online shopping. You must also know that these jewels have not lost its significance even today. Every single ritual in India prefers temple jewellery over contemporary gems.  The sacred Temple jewellery symbolizes Indian tradition. Hence Indian woman loves to wear temple jewellery during the marriage ceremony.

Know the fact that children get their ears punctured not only for health benefits but also wearing gold jewellery protects them from all evil effects.  All ceremonies have some logical significance and just not a tradition. We may head towards technology advancement but have never forgotten the traditional importance of temple jewellery from ages.

Best Temple Jewellery

Making ornaments from gold requires a lot of skill and the Goldsmith (karigar) does it all with his delicate handiwork (nakashi) to carve a great temple jewellery.

Goddess Mahalakshmi Seated on the Lotus in temples has won many hearts and has become the most legendary temple jewellery design.South Indian People consider Peacock and Elephant as sacred animals, and temple jewellery designed in those forms also attract individual. Primarily gold was used to make temple jewellery, but now other metals are also getting familiar.

How to Wear Temple Jewellery?

Yes, there is no rule to wear temple jewellery. It suits all costumes. Be it saree, salwar, and even jeans. Sounds funny? No, not at all.  Try a thick necklace with the gown and long jhumkas best matches kaftans. You can mix and match the most common temple jewellery including chandbalis, Kundan stones, and jadau neck wear with your western outfit. But, remember to use your aesthetic sense to select the right traditional jewel to give that great appearance.

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