Software Testing Company in Chandigarh – Why it is important to Test Software Programs?

Software Testing Company

These days, software programs are being created for carrying out different types of functions in any form of business. Creating a software program is not the only thing to be done. There is also involved testing it to ensure that this program is working efficiently and effectively without any kind of issue in it. As a matter of fact, it is for correct functioning that the program needs to be tested. This job is done by the best software testing company in Chandigarh, which has employed qualified QA engineers.

Why require software testers?

In case, the entrepreneur is ordering for a new mobile app or a new website from any software development company, then testing services are said to be included within the development process. The QA engineers are said to perform as a routine, Requirement Analysis. This allows the testers to know the function of the app and the ways by which bugs can be avoided.

Software testing types

The experienced and knowledgeable QA engineers are known to apply different testing types to the specific software, which includes the following:

  • Acceptance testing: The testers verify if the software is able to meet all acceptance criteria. The customer makes the decision if the software is to be accepted or sent for revision purpose.
  • Smoke testing: Here, the QA engineers create short test cycles for checking the efficiency of the new product, how it launches and works.
  • Regression testing: This is applicable if some changes are made in source code during the development process. However, if some specific functionality is required to work properly, then the operation might not work after carrying out certain changes. Hence, specialists use regression testing for identifying if required functionality functions properly or not.
  • Sanity testing: This focused testing is oriented to confirm that a single function or the other has been working with accordance to the needs mentioned in the specification.
  • UI testing: If the software is able to meet the needs of the graphic user interface is tested by the tester. Again, he also checks if it is created in single style, implies testing with various screen resolutions, is compatible with different net browsers and localized version testing, etc.

Are advanced testing types necessary?

The different testing types can help the specialists to undertake proper testing methods. However, if the product is found to be non-standard, and then advance testing could be required.

  • Sprint activities: This means that the QA specialists will start testing much before completion of the software. Bugs can be avoided at the early stage.
  • Interrupt testing: It is necessary to know the functioning of the product after unexpected interruption.
  • Compatibility testing: There is a need to know if the product is compatible along with the other apps and system elements.
  • Load testing: There is a need to know what would happen to the site, if several users use them simultaneously. Testers try to identify this particular aspect and for the software, the testers tend to create maximal load.

The truth is that the testing process is quite complicated. Hence, there is required a professional testing company to undertake this task and to provide the best results.

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