How Does Smoking Affect Your Brain?

How Does Smoking Affect Your Brain?
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Smoking is a serious problem of our century when many suppliers constantly appear on the market. Smoking is also related to many side effects for our body, and we should always think twice before becoming a regular smoker. Many research projects have proved that smoking is responsible for various diseases and conditions of our body. The main culprit behind the brain’s dysfunctionality is the tobacco.

For many years, scientists have tried to find a solution or an alternative to these smoking side effects. In this quest, scientists discovered e-cigarettes which have lesser side effects as they use best e-liquid rather than burning the tobacco. However, no study has proved this substance as 100% safe as well.

Well, back to the point, let us talk about smoking effects on people’s brain.

Nicotine  and  cigarettes

The infectious effect of cigarettes appears due to the presence of nicotine. This substance travels to people’s brain in 8 seconds from the consummation. Nicotine binds to the brain receptors and makes us feeling pleasure and energetic. It is the beginning of our addiction. As we continue to smoke, our brain develops resistance to the nicotine. The process is going on, and our brain decreases the number of receptors. If we want the same level of pleasure, then we should only increase the number of cigarettes we take. So, you can have only two cigarettes per day, but in a year it could become a whole package. That’s why we recommend you to find all information about nicotine addiction.

Effects on the brain

If you wonder what possible effects of smoking are, here is the list of potential consequences:

1)    reduced IQ of an individual – Several studies have proved that smoking can significantly reduce IQ of teenagers and adults. Some people say that analytical function of the brain is falling down after smoking. This effect appears due to lack of oxygen and high level of mono-oxide in your body.

2)    Lack of concentration – the next effect of smoking includes the problem with focus. Here we refer to an inability to work with the same brain activity. Regular smoking triggers the fatigue in brain cells, and thus it reduces the cognitive functionalities and concentration. The feelings are once again the result of low oxygen level.

3)    Reduced libido – regular smoking is also responsible for lower sex drive. This is probably the result of nicotine effects on our body and related fatigue. Due to the nicotine addiction, a nervous stimulant reduces the sex drive. Another reason behind the reduced sex drive is that the brain cells which are responsible for sexual stimulation become less reactive. In addition, the libido receptors can not react, and nicotine holds the stimulation.

4)    Effects on the mood- smoking is also related to the depressive and negative thoughts of the individual. This effect is in connection with receptors‏׳ response to nicotine. The feeling of stimulation makes people‏׳s brain confused for a long term.

5)    Chances for brain stroke – A prolonged consummation of cigarettes leads to artery problems. As a result, they lose elasticity and could not transfer the blood to our brain. This could lead to brain stroke, especially if you belong to chronic smokers.

6)    The brain is shrinking – smoking can also provoke shrinkage of our brain on the long course. This is devastating effect for people who have multiple sclerosis. On the other hand, there are studies which revealed a connection between smoking and loss of motor functions. For example, regular smokers could have the problem with talking and walking which is highly serious.

The conclusion

As you can read from the previous text, smoking effects are far more dangerous than we could ever imagine. This is especially true for teenagers who are often under pressure to consume cigarettes. As as a result, these young people can significantly damage the brain as they are still in development process. For the adults, the problem is visible while performing difficult mental tasks at home or work.

Addiction effects and consequences develop slowly, step by step, away from our consciousness. The final effects are usually tragical for people’s health. On the other hand, when you stop smoking, you get a lot of health benefits such as, you will have better heart health, you will be able to gain more stamina, you will get better sex life, and you will be able to feel the energy every morning. This is why we should prioritize the long term health over the short lasting pleasure effects. It is never too late, start your journey towards smoke free life and you will regain your health eventually.

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