Role Of Medical Adhesive Tapes In Wound Care

medical tape

Wound care needs precision and expertise. It often involves closing of wounds and holding bandages in place. So your first-aid kit box should be ready to serve well in case of any minor eventuality like cut, scrapes, and burns, so on. Primary treatment at home is something that everyone should be aware about. People should know how medical adhesive tapes are helpful in wound management. If not for these tapes, your wounds would take more time to heal leaving you to be in pain for a longer period of time.

Medical adhesive tapes help in wound care in many different ways, including

  • These tapes come in different lengths and widths to perfectly suit a variety of bandaging needs
  • They are available in varied styles as well to deliver optimum results no matter what size of wounds to deal with
  • The most important function a medical tape performs is closing wounds and helping to keep bandages in place
  • Some tapes are made with zinc oxide so that any risk of infection can be minimized to a great extent
  • The tape is designed to be breathable, or it is made to breathe so that air can circulate around the wound
  • The tapes that are breathable deliver an improved healing time by keeping the wounds ventilated and cleaned
  • The wound site should never be suffocated and rather a flow of air has to be there, which is possible from these high-quality tapes
  • Cloth, silk, nylon, paper, plastic and foam are just some of popular materials used in making of tapes for wound care purposes
  • Each material comes with own unique attributes and some may be allergic so the selection should be done with care
  • These tapes are the best solution in attaching bandages and you can customize them as well to serve wounds of different sizes
  • Doctors also use these tapes to close a gaping wound on a provisional basis till the stitching is done and the gap shut
  • The tape is also made to use in place of stiches in keeping the wound closed during the healing process
  • You can stick them to skin through blood, sweat and hair without facing any problem and make healing a quick process
  • They are even waterproof, particularly the transpore ones, so you can have them stuck and take a dive deep into the pool
  • These tapes not only cover dressings but also secure IV lines and oxygen tubing or splints
  • They secure pads and dressings and there are specialty tapes as well designed for more specialized jobs
  • Tapes made of paper tear easily, adhere lightly to the skin and are considered perfect for those with sensitive skin, such as elderly or small children
  • Pores are a key characteristic of tapes made out of plastic thus letting air reach the wound and cause the moisture to diffuse
  • They are used in cases where paper tapes are not able to support or secure heavier tubing or dressing purely for being lightweight in nature

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