Questions to Ask Your New Born Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer
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If you are planning a baby photo shoot Mumbai, then you are the right place. I am going to give you heads on facts about some questions which you need to ask your photographer. If the answers are spot on, then you can go on to find the perfect photographer for you along with your family. Selecting a newborn photography is something which will be in your mind during the early weeks of pregnancy. As soon as you are pregnant it is suggested that you book one, otherwise, there is a risk of not getting one at the last minute. It is an enjoyable process, and during the course, there are some important decisions to make as well. As each and every photographer is different, you would need to review and ask them a set of questions before making the final decision. So, let us at this moment consider the issues which you need to ask them.


A lot of parents are fooled by the fact that all the newborn photographers are same in the market. Let me assure you that this is not the case and it happens to be an unregulated market. Anyone with zero experience in handling babies can set up their studio and capturing images. This is not a grave concern, but there has been session when the new born photography session has gone completely wrong. You never know what will happen when babies are put in the hands of inexperienced photographers. With the right form of professional training, the chances of something going wrong are minimum. So, opt for an experienced photographer.

In case if you do not have any personal recommendation from anyone and you can choose a baby photographer Mumbai. Some of the methods you can adopt are having a visit to their website and seeing their media presence. What the customers have to say when they have gone to avail their services or are they passionate and friendly when they deal with people. This will you an idea about their experience and how they continue to deal with people.

No to price cut photographers

Do not be tempted in opting for less professional photographers as they tend to offer low prices. In life, you get for what you pay and if their rates are on the lower side, then give it a serious school of thought. Go on to choose a photographer who is specialized in the stream of newborn photography, and their prices are bound to reflect that. Price cut photographers’ quality is not up to the standards, and the question is would you like such type of services.

Are their professionally trained or experienced?

Do not be afraid to ask questions to your photographer and the formal training which they had. While there is no formal training as far as newborn photography is concerned, anyone setting up their studio would have had some form of experience in it. This is related to the safety of the kids which is of utmost importance. They will be aware of what poses to take and what not. In fact, they should be able to talk about the type of training which they have received.

Experience is another important point to consider. Find the photo shoots which they have been part of.

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