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Producing Professional Quality Live Stream for Broadcasters

There was a time not so long ago when live streaming was the exclusive domain of broadcast journalism. Reporters go to newsworthy events and broadcast it live as it happens. The rest of the audience who missed it, then watch edited reruns during regularly scheduled programming.

But the times have changed so that today, anything of importance is broadcast live. Our technology has advanced enough that we can broadcast live across several platforms and channels. People are live streaming broadcasts about everything interesting to build an audience or cater to the one already existing.

Friends show us live videos of their travel, our family broadcast videos to other family members who miss a certain event. It has created new industries like Live reviewers, video bloggers, etc., and helped boost the existing businesses.

HD Live streaming devices  and high-end phones allow us to do this from everywhere conveniently. It is so mobile that assuming internet speed in the area is strong enough we can live stream anywhere. It is a fun activity to share moments with our friends and relatives and is currently a growing trend in the social media.

However, the rise of professional video bloggers, podcasters, reviewers finds that the limitation of mobile devices is a major hindrance to their work. Professionals find that mobile devices do not provide the required audio quality to produce great videos, especially with current mobile limitations in the sound input. Motivational speakers, event organizers, and professional broadcasters from TED and YouTube frequently complain about the lack of streaming capabilities of the analogy hardware.

People who do frequent live reviews, webinars and online education also find this a technical challenge and hire professionals to set up their video production. Most professionals find hiring a separate team to take care of their live streaming hardware when they are outside and then having their own amateur system at home quite taxing and expensive.

Scheduling problems with video teams is also an additional hassle, especially if your regular company is fully booked and you need someone in such a short notice. A motivational speaker I know recommended that you need to have a great video for all the gigs and to upload it on the website. She carries her own plug and plays live broadcasting professional quality system. Hardware like Freedocast allows live streaming across multiple platforms like Facebook live, Twitter, and YouTube at the same time allows her to create professional quality raw videos on her own, and then do the editing later to upload for her portfolio website.

Streaming hardware like Freedocast is portable, has 3-hour battery life, and most importantly a separate audio input jack for a high-quality sound hardware device. HDMI and WiFi will allow it to work with mobile devices and high-quality cameras when need be. It is truly unique in the sense that it can do multiple streaming channels, but what is truly important is having a portable DVR that you can bring anywhere that can sync high-quality audio with your videos.

It is convenient to have your own portable DVR that any friend can carry along and use any device for your high definition video output and a separate audio input. Having the videos saved online also means that you can produce professional quality raw videos while on the move. It will be easy to set it up once you’re at home for your webinar or in an event. This consolidates all the technical requirements for a great broadcast. So, go live broadcast your videos on multiple platforms.

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