Online Assessment – The Various Benefits

Online Assessment

Information Technology is used for assessing education, health, psychiatric, psychological with computers. The internet is usually used so the procedure is also referred to as electronic, e- assessment, and online assessment.

Online assessment is mostly for candidates who are job hunting. This assessment is used to evaluatehow suitable the candidate is for the job position. During online assess, there is only the computer, internet and candidate. No one else,namely the supervisor or invigilator is present. The online assessment multiple questionnaires are always very objective. The result is not just the performance but, the personality of the candidate.  This information determines how suitable the person is for the position.Most important part of the exam is that the candidate can take it from the comfort of his/her home.

The multiple questions are very diverse. A candidate interested in language skills may be simultaneously tested for memory and concentration. Tests are generally categorised as aptitude tests. Numerology and reasoning tests analyse if the candidate can work quickly and accurately with numbers. Other analytical skills of the candidate are tested. These include trends, rates, ratios, percentages, cost and sales analysis, and currency conversions.Verbal testconsists of several short comprehension passages. Hence, the candidate has to read the passages and answer the questions. Diagrammatic reasoning is known as logical reasoning ability. One should understand the difference between flowchart and sequence diagram. Thereafter, apply the logical rules to fresh data. The situational judgement tests determine how a candidate would approach situationsat the workplace.

All the tests have initial short explanations. Since this portion is not timed, one can spend as much time required for it. It is advisable to go through the work once the candidate has completed the section. Eventually, the online assessment test appears and this is the actual test. Time is limited for the actual test. When the time is over, the test ends automatically.  There is no time limit for personality questionnaires.

Online assessment is often used with survey questions to understand the candidates taking the test. Teachers conduct online assessments to understand a wide range of students. The results aid the teachers to conduct the classes at the beginning of school year. End of the term, teachers use online assessment to evaluate how much students have learned. Teachers are also assessed by students using online assessment. In addition, educational institutes measure sincerity and commitments of faculties using online assessment. Teachers who are not interested in teaching any more can be given responsibilities of administration. Students need dedicated teachers and professors for doing well in their academic year. Likewise, Companies should regularly evaluate employees. They should work towards improving any discrepancies between the managers and workers. There should be complete job satisfaction for smooth operations. Health is the most important assessment. Generally, the questions are on lifestyle, medical history and more. As soon as any illness is diagnosed it is easy to treat.

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