Mistake You’re Making While Treating Phimosis When the Solution is Circumcision

Solution is Circumcision
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If you have a tight foreskin like many other men, you might be stretching daily to add comfort? But before you get into stretching and other plunges, here are few mistakes that you may be making like other men – while the solution is just a step away.

Stretching Your Penis by pulling it Downwards

Most men with tight foreskin pull down repeatedly to avoid the discomfort. Some men find success in this. But it also has some drawbacks, yet there is a better way of dealing with this. And remember that, if it hasn’t already helped, it probably will not in future. Penile tissue is very flexible for providing enough force in stretching adult skin.

Sometimes, accidentally you can retract too far and it can get stuck. Paraphimosis is very painful and if this happens, you will need to pinch the sensitive glans for a few minutes until it reduces back to its original size and only then you will be able to lift the foreskin back.

Pulling it back can also bend meatus (urinary opening) and this can result in peeing problems. The right way to stretch is to get one or more fingers in and pull outward and away from the body.

Stretching Unhealthy Skin

Remember that skin will contract when it heals, it’s important that you keep the skin healthy. Healthy skin never gets cracks, has red lines, or splits up. Healthy skin doesn’t smell bad, even if it hasn’t been cleaned from inside.

Candida is the most common foreskin infection caused by yeast, which comes as a surprise. If the skin is cracking, has redness and pain, then treating the infection with a cream containing clotrimazole can be painful.

Soaps and Antibiotic Creams

The inner parts of your body has healthy bacteria flora that fights off contamination and if disturbed, it can result in developing an infection. Use water for washing away the germs. For moisturizing purposes, use diaper creams which have less amount of chemical ingredients and have better alternates, i.e. Castor oil and Zinc. You can even use virgin coconut oil for moisturizing your penis.

As for corticosteroids, you will need to first discuss it with a doctor and then proceed with using them as they are not necessary but will help in progressing faster with healing.

Not Giving Time

The amount of time your foreskin takes to become loose depends on:

  • If you have few centimeters or millimeters to go with? Skin cells grow faster and the bigger the opening, the less time you will require.
  • If you’re stretching for several times a day or just once in a day? Stretching the skin and then leaving it as it is for a longer period of time will eventually bring it back to its original place. Try repeating the sessions.
  • Are you able to surpass the stretching method? Let your stretching be supercharged with a silicone flesh tunnel or anything that you can leave inside for few hours.

If you’re lucky enough, stretching everyday will give you good results in two weeks time and for some the time will be for a month. If it still doesn’t work, continue stretching until the goal is achieved.

The Solution to Tight Foreskin – Adult Circumcision

You may have approached an Urologist for a solution, and if not a skin issue expert, the doc must have directed you to Circumcision Center for a male adult circumcision – because they know that it works 100%. Most of the times, stretching hasn’t worked well and has caused the patients to return back.

Although stretching has been backed up by science and doing it for few hours a day can help you achieve the results after a certain period of time. But you need to have the stamina to go through it. And if you don’t have the patience to follow stretching process, then you cannot live with tight foreskin, because it’s painful and disturbing.  Circumcision is the best solution!

In most cases men have waited long enough to reach the doctor that they led themselves into other conditions, and reaching out late made them regret. They fear the idea of being circumcised, but studies and findings have been a part of the support effort since long; the past included research on the role of circumcision in preventing men from acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Adult male circumcision is now common in United States as more and more people are backing the health benefits driven with the help of this procedure. Especially when performed on infants, they stay protected from urinary tract infections and as adults, they can free themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Circumcision may not be strongly supported by evidences but it does have strong support from studies and research backing it up. And it even offers a strong solution to the tightness of the foreskin.

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