How to manage a tyre blowout without panic?

tyre blowout without panic

For most of the drivers out there, there isn’t anything more terrifying or potentially dangerous than imminent tyre burst at higher speed in the middle of the road. No doubt, the average number of tyre-related accidents and crashes has dropped during the last few years due to safety awareness and tyre pressure monitoring system, the count of blowout is still high.

A general survey report concluded that truck tyre flats and burst especially result in more or less 11,000 crashes and above 200 fatalities per annum. The question remains as to why tire blowouts are higher even with advance technology and safety standards! One reason is lack of awareness or preparedness of the driver when it actually happens.

It takes approximately ¼ second to avoid an automobile accident after a tyre burst and you can make a real difference by learning how to manage if the unexpected does happen! The first step is not to panic, get a good grip of your vehicle and read the details given below.

The blowout sound

In case of tyre burst or blowout, expect hearing three sounds in general. The first would be a loud boom or banging of the tyre that reverberates through the vehicle. You may hear a whooshing sound as well as of air escaping from the truck tyre and finally a flip-flop of the deflated rubber against the road.

Tyre burst feel

If blowout occurs at high speed, you’ll feel the vehicle eventually slowing down then pull strongly either to the left or right depending on the side that experienced burst. If it were a front tyre burst, you’ll feel the force transferred to the steering and in case it’s a rear wheel, pressure is felt more in the seat or body of the car. Whether blowout occurs in front or rear, a driver’s response in both situations must be same.

Driving with a blowout

Safety experts, from their experience have shared a few tips as outlined below so read on;

  • Don’t slam on the brakes
  • Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel
  • Pull to a side once the vehicle’s speed rate drops
  • Don’t forget activating the emergency flashers

After the blowout

Once the vehicle pulls over to a side, exit making certain that you aren’t hampering the traffic! Turn on the emergency flashers so as to alert other drivers. If you aren’t in the position to change the truck tyres at the moment, call for roadside assistance rather than experimenting.

Do remember that if you’re driving on a spare wheel, keep the speed slow as do read owner’s instruction manual concerning the spare tyre driving. It may also highlight how you can change a flat tyre and do familiarise yourself with the safety essentials for the sake of your safety and of the vehicle.


Many Falkentire blowouts can be prevented only if drivers abide by the safety rules and calm their nerves even if the incident occurs. The above details would definitely come in handy so don’t ignore!

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