How to Make an Outbound Call on DNC Registered Numbers for High Sales?

Nowadays, people don’t want to answer telemarketing calls and that’s why they opt for DNC (Do Not Call) facility. As per the DNC laws, telemarketing companies cannot contact those people who aren’t open to telesales calls. Violating DNC laws simply means giving an invitation to legal issues.

With the time, more and more people are registering themselves for DNC facility. Consequently, problems for telemarketing companies are also increasing. To ensure high sales results, it is imperative to promote products and services to both DNC registered and non-registered prospects.

Today, we come up with some important points that will help telemarketers in making a call on DNC registered numbers:

Bring testimonials into the play

Usually, potential customers don’t trust the telesales agent and this is the harsh truth of telemarketing world. This is so because telemarketers always start explaining the advantages of products and services. This aspect gives a reason to prospects to doubt telesales agents.

On the other side, testimonials show existing customer’s experience be it positive or negative. This fact can help the potential customers to understand the merits and demerits of products and services.

Therefore, it is significant for the outbound telemarketing companies to instruct telemarketers to send testimonials link firstly before making a call on DNC registered numbers.

Don’t ignore the impact of outbound text messaging

To prevent legal issues, it is always believed that outbound text messaging is the best option. For the same reason, BPO firms always tell their telemarketers to send a text message to inform potential customers (who have availed DNC facility) regarding telesales call.

This aspect will surely improve the answer rate, which, in turn, leads to high sales results. So, if you want to take your business’s profit levels to the next level, it is suggested to avail outbound call centre services from a renowned BPO firm.

Make use of brand’s image

Nowadays, it is imperative for companies of all sizes to create positive brand’s image because prospects usually prefer to do business with a popular organisation.

Do you know which aspect usually guides outbound telemarking companies to poor results? The telesales agents who always start introducing themselves at the start of the conversation. This factor makes potential customers annoyed as they don’t have any interest in knowing who they are speaking with.

To get a positive response after making a call on DNC registered number, it is significant to make use of brand’s image and that means telemarketers should always introduce the company which they are representing. This is so because potential customers are more likely to stay on the call when they come to know that they got a call from a reputed company.

After that, telesales agents should take permission of the prospects before explaining how products/services can help. This aspect will surely help in getting better sales result.

Be careful while using scripts

Telemarketer’s tone is the aspect that always decides the duration of the call. To prevent any sloppiness, most of the outbound telemarketing companies provide sales scripts to the agents. But telesales agents start getting dependent on the scripts without understanding the real use of the given scripts.

However, using sales scripts is also very important as these write-ups help in retaining the required information and delivering consistent performance. The best way to use a verbatim script is doing practice on the regular basis.

After placing a call on DNC registered number, it is imperative for the telesales agents to use scripts carefully while talking to potential customers as that’s the only way to ensure a meaningful dialogue.

Have a good reason

Usually, telemarketing calls get disconnected within a few seconds because of two reasons that are given below:

  • Telemarketer’s tone: Most of the telesales agents are dependent on the sales scripts and that’s why they sound impersonal or suspicious to potential customers during the call.
  • The content of the message: Another aspect that always leads to poor sales is when telemarketers don’t offer products or services in a compelling manner.

These two reasons always lead to the failed telemarketing campaign. The situation gets more complicated when it comes to selling products or services to those people who have registered themselves for DNC (Do Not Call) facility.

Therefore, it is imperative for the telemarketers to ensure that they have a good reason to make a call on DNC registered number because this is the only way to ensure an effective conversation with prospects.

Sometimes companies hire in-house telemarketers to make telesales calls on DNC registered numbers. Consequently, this aspect leads to legal issues that can cost a fortune. That’s why it is always suggested to avail outbound call centre services from a reputed BPO firm.

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