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Your smartphone can be all kinds of smart when you have it in and around your vicinity. However, trouble strikes when you can’t seem to find the device that holds your entire world together. This puts you through all stages of panic wondering where in the world you might have kept your device. What if we tell you we have a way to put an end to your misery? Yes, the question locate my phonewon’t be a cause for concern anymore. Not when you have Seekit by your side. Here is a brief overview of how the device can play a vital role in taking you closer to your smartphone.

What Seekit is all about

If you are not aware, Panasonic has brought in the Seekit Loop and Seekit Edge, two devices that make searching for your most prized possessions including your smartphone easy and effortless. The best part is that it saves you the time and troubling of going through elaborate search processes to find these possessions.

The Seekit Edge ensures finding your bags, wallets and document folders is less troublesome while the Seekit Loop makes it easy to locate your keys, pets, and speakers. Both these devices come with many features that ensure finding your belongings is not going to be an elaborate task. The Seekit Edge, for instance, has a 3mm super sleek designed body, is light in weight and compact in nature. It is slim enough to fit just about anywhere, so taking this device along with you isn’t going to be an issue. Other than this, the Seekit Loop comes with a premium and handy feel. It is the ideal keychain that helps you in your search in the best way possible.

How Seekit helps you find your smartphone

Although there are many features that make it easy to find your smartphone, as well as other devices, the most beneficial of all, particularly when it comes to locating your smartphone, is the bi-directional tracking feature. Here is how this device helps you.

Bi-directional basically implies that the Seekit or smartphone both send alerts if they start to drift away from each other. All you are required to do is ring up your phone. Even if your device is on silent mode, this feature works meticulously. To ring your phone, all you need to do is double press the Seekit button. This feature makes it easy to use voice alerts when the user is away from the 100 ft range. So if you don’t know where you kept your smartphone and you have the Seekit device with you, it starts to produce voice alerts.

Other features that make Seekit a catch

There are many more features that make Seekit worth holding on to.

  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0
  • You can attach and tag the Seekit to almost anything
  • It comes with an LED indicator and buzzer that activates as soon as the tracker disconnects from your smartphone
  • The Seekit Edge possesses a battery life of up to 18 months while the Seekit Loop comes with a battery power of up to 12 months

You can even decide the level of alert you want to get when the device goes out of range.

Try out the Seekit devices today

While there is a plethora of phone finder apps, Seekit is unique enough to prove to be advantageous owing to more ways than one. So go ahead and give it a shot.

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