How To Move Artwork, Framed Prints And Mirrors

Move Artwork,

Moving is a tough job. You need to put in a lot of effort. It is not a one day task and there are certain things which require extra care such as artwork, framed prints etc. Whatever you do, don’t try to move your art or mirrors without getting the proper packing materials. Packing material is a must as it will create a huge difference in preventing the items from scratching or breaking.

Picking the right box:

First, find out a number of large, heavy-duty picture boxes that are big enough to hold your artwork, framed prints and mirrors. If you have kept the original boxes that the items arrived in then that’s the best part as you could easily fit them back. If not you can purchase telescope boxes, which are used to pack mirrors, art and other flat-lying, rectangular objects. The boxes usually are present as a two-part set and are joined together so as to create one big box. They should be such that they are capable to accommodate large pieces of art. If the artwork is chiefly large, it is suggested that you find an appropriate size crate to hold the item.

Wrapping the artwork:

Next it is recommended to wrap your art and mirrors in Glassine, instead of the user that typical plastic wrap. Glassine is a smooth paper which is famous for being air, water and grease resistant. This will actually totally protect anything from blemishing the fine art, print or glass. Glassine isn’t hard to find and can normally be purchased by the roll.

Bubble Wrapping:

After you have secured the Glassine with tape, it’s time to get the bubble wrap. Layer your artwork and mirrors a number of times with the bubble wrap and secure with packing tape. It is suggested that you wrap the bubble wrap around the item at least twice to offer it enough protective cushioning.

Added protection:

When moving, the corners of framed art and mirrors are basically more risky to scratches and nicks. For this reason, it’s important to cover these parts with corner protectors, such as Styrofoam corner protectors or cardboard corner protectors so that when you move there is no kind of harm to them.If you feel that your item requires extra care, it is also recommended that you use a moving blanket around it.


When moving artwork you need to hold it upright. Don’t lay it down in the moving truck. The printing company also suggests organizing this number of pieces face to face/ back to back. This alternating arrangement will make sure that the hanging hardware on the backs of the artwork doesn’t get damaged with the front side of another piece. On the other side, if you pack the artwork in a sturdy box, you are not to bother about following this arrangement.

Finally, as you put the artwork into the moving truck, be sure to tactically place it in a spot where it won’t be compressed or damaged by heavy furniture and large boxes. When you avail the services of the best & cheapest truck rental companies, you enjoy the best assistance of the professionals.

Thus these are the points you should be bothered while packing these delicate items.

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