Guide To Buy a New Mixer Grinder


No kitchen, especially in India, is considered as complete, until and unless, it has a mixer grinder in its collection of essential appliances. Also, cooking without the help of mixer grinder is almost a difficult task. In India, where spices and chutneys, are staple ingredients in almost all the dishes, a mixer grinder becomes a must have appliance. However, to buy a good piece of mixer grinder from the best mixer grinder manufacturers in India, you will need to first consider the below mentioned factors.

Size of Mixer

Depending on your daily needs and the number of family members, you will have to decide on the size of the mixer grinder to be purchased. In case, you live alone, a small and compact sized mixer grinder will be just apt for you. However, bigger machine will be needed if the number count of your family members is higher. A mixer grinder will consist of a motor, jars and attachment blades.

Jars Available

While, a normal mixer grinder will come with a set of three different sized jars, you can opt to purchase additional jars, if needed. The jars are utilized for making powder or paste of raw food ingredients apart from whipping, mincing or mixing of food. Different jars are used for different purposes.

Cost of Machine

The price of a mixer grind or a commercial hand blender can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000, depending on the type of model and brand, you have selected. Also, the price of the mixer grinder can also vary, depending from which place you are buying from. Apart from making a price comparison, also ensure of checking out the other factors like, warranty or guarantee period of the mixer grinder, material used in the manufacturing of the machine and the after sales service terms and conditions.

While, local make and cheap brands of mixer grinder can come at a low price, paying a little extra for purchasing a quality product, will assure you of having peace of mind, in the long run. Most of the online stores, dealing in retailing of mixer grinders, are seen passing out hug discounts on most of the models, especially during festive seasons. Spending some time in surfing the net will help in getting a good bargain.

Where to Buy

As compared to buying a mixer grinder from any mall or local dealer, online stores will come as a better option for you. Apart from offering a good deal and discounts, online stores, also have the option of payment by card or cash on delivery. Most of the online retailers have a free home delivery facility.

Now, having, got the knowledge about the things to lookout for, while buying a mixer grinder, it is for you to decide on, which of the option will suit you the best.

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