How to Gain Great Marks in Mathematics in 10th Standard?

Mathematics in 10th Standard

10th standard is like an exam for both students and parents. The first time, students face a good amount of pressure as they have to go to a different school for appearing for the exam as well as their teachers and examiners are different. Some children take so much stress, that they face depression or illness due to 10th boards fear. Even parents take leave from their work to help their children practice well before sitting in the exam.

The format of 10th exam CBSE is like:

  • You would be given a unique board registration student ID and a seat no with School Centre name.
  • AS per exam schedule, you need to go to your exam centre and sit on your given seat number in a particular class.
  • You won’t have adjacent students writing a same paper. Everybody would sit quite distant.
  • Without any reference material, you need to complete the exam paper in mentioned duration.

Here, we shall discuss some easy tips and tricks, which you need to follow from the beginning of 10th standard studies for an easy and successful Mathematics result in 10th:

Study material:

Don’t run after many reference books. Keep selected ones and complete them thoroughly. If you would refer different books for different concepts in Mathematics then trust me, you will confuse and this will result in no gain. Refer popular writer books which have concepts described in simple language. Also, buy some question books where you can practice different sums and thus test yourself for that concept.

Example: Some applications of trigonometry class 10 CBSE would be explored by you only if you try different questions yourself. Seeing already solved problems won’t stay in memory unless you solve them yourself.

P.S.: From the beginning of the year, start practicing and solving questions as soon as you learn a concept. All corresponding sums should be solved simultaneously. This will help you later on. Skip sums which are almost similar for a faster access to different sums.

NCERT solution:

Just like the bible, NCERT book solutions is like a prompt solution for all students willing to that little extra for better marks in Mathematics in 10th. You would find yourself among the most well-formed question sets as well as solved answers. This way you will not only get insight but your speed to complete problems would increase. That’s the confidence you need by end of year.

Example: NCERT solutions for class 10th Maths chapter 9 would give you a complete idea on applications of trigonometry. Once you refer this book, you don’t need any other book for further guidance.

Online help:

Today, I would suggest the best and most recommended way study Mathematics without wasting much time, as well as money, is online tutorials. You would get so much of online text as well as videos based reference that any coaching class would find it difficult to impart. In Fact, there are some great websites who only do online teaching with live video chats. So a dedicated teacher who is professionally trained will help you understand at a very nominal cost!

Hence, it’s better you practice all the above techniques for every difficulty you face since the beginning and at the end, you would be confident and hence achieve great score!

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