Four Questions that Every New Artist Is Asked Frequently

No matter how good a person is, in the work he does, if he is new, his work will always be double-checked. Similarly, when someone opts to buy paintings online or offline of a novice artist, he or she would be dubious about the same. Why? Because no one would want to invest their money in a painting of an artist which they or anyone else has not heard of. This is the reason why every artist, when new in the field of art needs to burn their midnight’s oil in order to attain a high stature. The phrase becomes all the more true when one talks of painters who make modern art, especially abstract paintings. It is so because abstract paintings are difficult to decipher for a person who is a layman in terms of art.  Nevertheless, it is said that real talent never goes unnoticed. Hence, the artists who utilize their artistic brilliance and creativity optimally, don’t find selling paintings a bane of their life.

However, before becoming a known face in the world of art, every artist has to go through lot of inquisitions whenever someone is buying his work. Thus, in this blog post we will tell all the new artists the most common questions that a potential buyer generally asks before purchasing the artwork. Take a look!

  • How long have you been painting? Where have you studied?

This question is the one that a buyers asks to kick start a conversation. He asks this for making you comfortable. However, this is not the sole intent of potential buyer. He also asks generic question like these to get an understanding of your background. With the questions that seem to be the simplest and naïve, he wants to get an idea of who you are, how your family is. Nonetheless, the most important thing that a person who wishes to buy the art of an artist would want to know is how passionate you are for painting. Since how long you have been doing this and whether you have studied art as a subject will prove to be crucial in making him buy your painting or leaving it.

Hence, while selling a painting you should answer these questions honestly. However, if you feel that the truth might take your buyer away then you should definitely sugarcoat your answer.

  • Have you exhibited your artworks anywhere before? Have you received any awards?

A buyer asks this question to know if you have received any award and to know how proactive you are when it comes to exhibiting the artworks you have. Thus, if you have got awards you must mention them and should let the potential buyer know about all the exhibitions, shows and fairs you have been a part of.

On the other hand, if you have not exhibited or received any awards yet then you should tell the onlooker about the qualitative things like the admiration you have received from renowned persons etc. moreover, you should be highly confident about all that you will boast about yourself.

  • Where can I see your previous works?

A person asks this because he wants to know, whether you sale your paintings through authentic and known online galleries or on your own through your social media handles, websites or your own shop. If the buyer is seeking monetary gains from your painting by reselling it in the forthcoming years then he will buy your painting only if you will be selling you paintings through galleries or if some known person would have had bought your artwork. He would do so as the chances of an artist becoming famous increases if he is selling his artworks through galleries.

Hence, you should give the answer of this question after ascertaining the motive of the buyer of buying the painting.

  • Can you please tell me more about the painting?

You know this question is coming from every onlooker if he makes abstract paintings. Clearly, if you will answer this question nicely, any buyer would get swayed away by the emotion behind you painting. Moreover, if you will succeed in making the person feel connected to the emotion, he will keep all the other concerns aside and will buy your painting straight up.

In brief, no matter how strange it seems, the field of art is such in which the artists are always judged by non-artists and the onlookers. Therefore, if one makes artistic abstract paintings or paintings of any other genre, not just because he is passionate about it but also because he wants to earn from it then he should learn the art of pleasing people not just by his paintings but also by his words. Thus, one should know a very smart and impressive answer, at least to the questions that have been told in this blog.

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