How ERP Software for School is Different From That of College

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The demand for digital era has also revolutionized the need of digital technology in the education sector. Whether it is a school, college, or any coaching center, every educational institute nowadays needs the digital technology in order to run their functional operations smoothly and hassle-free. This need has raised the demand for ERP software for the educational institutes. Earlier, every educational institute used to store every single piece of information on the pieces of paper that was no doubt a daunting task. For example, if a student comes to the school after many long years to get some certificate, it might be difficult for the school administration to look for that particular document in the old file. This is the reason that ERP software was introduced. But do you know how Best ERP Software for Schools is different from that of colleges? Read this blog to know the difference between ERP software for school and college.

Here are the Reasons that Conclude How ERP Software for Schools is Distinguished From That for Colleges

  1. Attendance System:

There is a lot of difference between the attendance system in school and that in colleges. For example, in a school, either faculty takes attendance only one time or twice or thrice, whereas in college, every subject expert faculty takes attendance individually in every lecture. In schools, the passing and failure of a student purely depends on the scores he or she earns, whereas in colleges, your score also depends on the percentage of attendance. Therefore, both ERP software’s attendance module is made differently using different techniques.

  1. Different Education System:

In schools, the batches in the school are classified on the year basis, while in the colleges; batches are classified according to the semester system which is half yearly. So, syllabus for every educational institute is set differently. In a school, a student learns around 5 subjects in a year, whereas in colleges, a student learns around 5 subjects in a semester. This is the reason, that best ERP software for schools is different from that of colleges.

  1. Assessment System:

The assessment procedure is also purely different in colleges and schools. In schools, the student gets promoted to the next class on the basis of failure or passing, but it is not in the case of colleges. In colleges, a student is given chance to reappear for the examination and there are certain constraints on reappearing for examination. So, ERP software is made keeping this factor in mind and therefore, works differently.

  1. Fee Structure:

Fee structure in schools and colleges are entirely different as in school, fees need to be submitted on the monthly basis, and in colleges, fees is either submitted on the semester basis or yearly basis. Therefore, fee structure in ERP software is built differently for the schools and colleges.    

It can be concluded from the above-discussed points that ERP software for schools and colleges are mainly different from each other. ZeroERP understands the above-mentioned difference and therefore, develops the Best ERP Software for Colleges as well as schools according to their functional operations.

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