Cook some delicious mutton curry in your kitchen

mutton curry

Mutton is mainly a weekend dish to Indians. Come Sunday afternoon and people are ready to cook some delicious dishes with soft mutton meat and this is a delicacy which can be paired with hot and steamed white rice.

Mutton mainly requires slow cooking in a very low heat so that the moisture of the meat is retained along with the juice and its tenderness. The meat has to be cooked at a very high heat and then it is cooked from a very tender to low heat. You should keep in mind the right time to add salt. Do not add salt to the meat when you marinade it. So when you are half way through your cooking, then only you should add salt. If you are grilling the mutton, then you should keep a pan of water near you.

When you are searching for mutton recipes, you can always look at the cook book because in India, there are several variations by which you can cook a mutton dish. Here are some famous ones which has made a mark in Indian culinary history.

Mutton Rogan Josh

This is one of the signature Kashmiri dishes which have juicy pieces of mutton, spices, brown onions and a lot of yogurt in it. The authentic dish when prepared has a lot of Kashmiri red chillies in it and that is why the gravy looks red and it also tastes spicy.

Hyderbadi Mutton Biryani

This is also known as the KachhiGosht Biriyani and it has its origin in the kitchen of the Nizams who used to rule India once. This Hyderabadi Biriyani is full of fragrance and it is one of the numbers of variations of biriyanis available in India. The best way to cook biriyani is to cook the crude eat with a lot of flavours and then secure it with rice.


If you are a connoisseur if mutton, then ChaaGosht is a must try dish. This arrives from the kitchen of Himachal. This dish is prepared with marinated lamb meat and it is cooked well in yogurt and gram flour. The use of Indian spices makes it even more delicious. One can use red chilli powder, cardamom, coriander powder, bay leaf and asafoetida to bring the taste in this dish.

Galouti Kebabs

In Awadhi cuisine history, mutton holds a special place and this dish is very popular. It is a type of kebab which melts in the mouth and it is made from very finely minced mutton and it is shallow fried in desi ghee. This goes best with paratha.


This is a very popular one when it comes to mutton recipes. It is basically a pan fried lamb curry and the mutton pieces are shredded and cooked with tomato and onion sauce. One should add a lot of spice to make a crispy flavour out of this dish.

One can also try the famous KoshaMangsho from Bengal which is paired best with white rice.


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