How to Change the Drift Tyres Easily Without Damaging Rims?

Drift Tyres Easily Without Damaging Rims

Drifting is simply an amazing part of car racing. It usually needs drift tyres to keep up with the rough roads&rash rides. These are the hard plastic tires mounted to standard sedan style wheels. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why such cars are so easy to drift. The best part here is that the rim is mostly in a good condition even after the tires wear away so there is truly a great potential to change the old tires on the long-lasting rims with new ones.

In case you are looking to swap drift tires perfectly without get fenced with any inappropriate step, just read on and simply learn how you can do this;

Pull the Wheel Off

For the obvious reasons, you need to first pull the wheel of the car. For that, it’s necessary to use the kit box wrench, a pair of vice grips and 7mm nut driver to simply undo the wheel nut off. Just remove nuts from the drift tires then must inspect the rims making it sure that these are not cracked from somewhere. Keep in mind that you do it appropriately because any possible damage will make you a lot.

Use the Heat Gun

The tyres are off the vehicle now, let’s check into the next phase. We have to remove the rubber tyre from the rim particular. Frankly, this won’t happen with a casual push because the drift tyres are designed to keep up with the fast track that’s they these are very much tightened with rims. So just use the heat gun this will help the tire get off the rim very easily. But make sure not to give too much heat as it will melt the tire. Also make sure to keep the while spinning as it will distribute the heat evenly over the wheels.

Time to Remove Now

Now the hot wheel would be carefully placed into the Drift Tire Remover. Make sure to put it from the backside of the rim up. Just check whether the rim is centered over the ring or not so the press does not actually pinch the wheel between push place and the ring.You will screw the push plate down with T-handle screw once the wheel is in a required position. Take your time to examine that the wheel is not actually pinched in the ring. Even better if it moves freely.

In case, it’s difficult to turn, just take it back out and try to heat it up a little bit more. Finally, just keep screwing the T-handle screw down until the rim comes out of the bottom.

In a nutshell, drifting is truly fun to get obsessed with. In fact, the skill is extremely challenging segment that almost everybody enjoys. A huge crowd out there is simply crazy about this particular industry. So just take your time and follow the steps mentioned above that will help you swap the tires without any troubles.


Do you want to swap the drift tyres quickly without any trouble? Just check out this article and learn more.

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