Easy Menu Ideas for Your New Year Party

Ideas for Your New Year Party

Winter has set in full form. People are gearing up to welcome the New Year as this year is coming to an end and we have already stepped into the last month. Are you planning a New Year party at home full on home style? Then try some tasty Indian dishes if you want to cook for your guests. If you are in a dilemma on what to cook, you can always search for top 10 New Year recipe ideas online. Black Grapes mock tail Arrange for some black grapes…

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Cook some delicious mutton curry in your kitchen

mutton curry

Mutton is mainly a weekend dish to Indians. Come Sunday afternoon and people are ready to cook some delicious dishes with soft mutton meat and this is a delicacy which can be paired with hot and steamed white rice. Mutton mainly requires slow cooking in a very low heat so that the moisture of the meat is retained along with the juice and its tenderness. The meat has to be cooked at a very high heat and then it is cooked from a very tender to low heat. You should…

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Chicken as Food- Lesser Known Facts about the Most Popular Poultry

Chicken as Food

Chicken is one of the most common types of poultry that is served throughout the world as different recipes. In our country, Punjabi chicken dishes have always managed to steal our hearts. Starting right from chicken fry masala to gravy recipes, like chicken-do-pyaza and butter chicken have always been out our favourites. But, first let us learn all the parts of chicken that are used in the kitchen to prepare different recipes over the world. Main: Breast: These are white meat and are relatively dry. Leg: Comprises two segments: The…

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Vegetarian Delights that you Must try when Eating Out

Vegetarian Food

Whenever the talk turns to the most popular cuisines in the world, three names pop up in our mind- Indian, Chinese and of course continental. Continental enfolds within it a large number of dishes from all across the world and hence this cuisine naturally has more variety than the rest. If you are fond of eating vegetarian food or are a vegetarian by practise, then you can definitely try out some lovely dishes that will give you just the taste in the palate that you need. Well if you want…

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