A Detailed Extract on how to use FBLinker on yt2fb.com


Facebook and YouTube are two of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. Facebook boasts of of more than 2.2 billion active users every month. This translates to almost 30% of the world’s population, making it the most widely used application in the world. People from all backgrounds, countries, age groups and ethnicities used the platform, and it has quickly risen to become one of the best advertising platforms in the world. The power of targeted advertising has been wonderfully captured by Facebook, and companies across the world…

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Use Event Technology to Improve Attendee Experience

Event Technology

Technology has changed the way we socialize our life style, the way how we consume and now technology is changing and participating the way how business organizations organize the business events. From past few years it has been seen major changes in the cooperate events and conferences that have really trapped. As all we are well aware the importance of technology in the business events. The days of mailing lists, brochures and uncooperative networking are far behind from business events. Business organizations are not facing such types of difficulties and…

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There was a time when Islamic wall art at homes meant golden Arabic calligraphy on a black piece of fabric, taking inspiration from the colours of the drape covering the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, to which Muslims turn themselves in prayer five times a day.The black fabric would be mostly made of silk or velvet on which verses of the Quran or narrations from the Hadith would be stitched with a golden thread. The budget options would apply golden sequins instead of threads for the calligraphy. The…

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Storage Shelving Units and Racks Maximise the Storage Capacity of the Warehouse

Organisation is key to success, and nowhere is this truer than at the warehouse. At first glance, the warehouse interior may not seem any different from the interior of houses or offices in terms of the necessity for storage solutions, but this is actually it; shelving that would be perfect with the office or home storage needs isn’t the suitable option for the warehouse where sturdiness is a must. Depending on the merchandise, the warehouse can be full of heavy items, so there’s always the need for maximising the storage capacity to make…

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CNC Machining And Its Benefits

CNC Machining

The full form of CNC is Computer Numerical Control and CNC Machining is basically a process that is used in the sector of manufacturing, including the machine tools that are controlled by the involvement of computers. The machine tools that are capable of being controlled in this way incorporate mills, lathes, grinders, and routers. At first glance, it might resemble a typical PC that controls the machine tools, yet the PC’s distinctive control console and software are what truly distinguishes the system for the usage in CNC machining. Under the…

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Don’t Dodge the Quality of Water You Supply in Office Campus

Quality of Water You Supply in Office Campus

When you run a business or you are an owner of an office, it becomes your responsibility to keep your employees safe and hygienic. You cannot expect them to do the basic things themselves. To put it straight, it gets your responsibility that you cater them fresh, hygienic and clean water. There are many companies and businesses that install Commercial Ro system. These are the water systems that ensure that the water getting supplied in the campus is clean and hygienic. The system filters the water for the users and…

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Excellent Friendship Day Gift Ideas That You Can Give To Your Girlfriend

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

The perfect occasion friendship day is approaching and you may consider what to gift to your sweetheart with the goal that she will stay loved entire the day. It is unpleasant for you because each young lady has an alternate decision and taste. These days endowments are costly to the points that are not reasonable for average folks. In any case, you can look for the Excellent Friendship Day gift ideas that you can give to your girlfriend. Here are top online friendship day gifts for girlfriend that won’t just…

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Solar Battery: Know the top five benefits

Solar Battery

These days, people are giving more importance to solar based products as they are considered to be safe, clean and also durable. Solar energy is stated to be renewable energy and used solar panels to capture the energy of the sun. Products like the solar inverters are fast becoming a necessity in today’s modern world, where people are making use of different types of electronic and electric based items. Solar products do offer plethora of benefits, the reason for its increasing demand. But this sustainable and renewable power source does…

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