Duct sealing and its importance

duct sealing services

In a world where the weather fluctuates ever so much and where one can experience a warm sunny afternoon and a cold chilly night all on the same day. It is important to stay in a place where temperature is monitored and controlled. But even in such a case, where room temperatures are controlled, it is hard to have a completely efficient system where no heat or cold leaks off. Systems like air conditioning and ventilation use a ton of air and energy to deliver the cooling, heating and moving…

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How to Apply Online for Engineer Loan?

Engineer Loan

Bajaj Finserv has introduced Engineer Loans, the first of its kind in the industry and promises numerous unparalleled benefits to its customers. With us, you can avail a financial loan of a minimum of 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs at convenient and affordable interest rates that are definitely lower than the market rate. The loan repayment tenure offered to you is 60 months. While the world has made a quick swerve to the web and online is preferred by all, you can apply for Engineer Loan online in a few…

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3 ways to Maximize your FD Returns Despite Falling Interest Rates

FD Returns Despite Falling Interest Rates

Wanted to invest your money in a bank FD? Hold on! Banks have revised their rate of interest offerings for short-term investments such as fixed deposits because of the funds’ liquidity in such products. A short-term investment that was to fetch an investor with an interest rate as high as 7.5-8% in most of the financial institutions will provide only around 6% for a lock-in period of 3 years for deposits up to Rs.1 crore and less. Yes, the revision in the FD interest rates is not good news! However,…

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Why should I select discount brokers?

discount brokers

Share trading brokers open the doors to share market for you with a trading account. Yes, entry to amazing investment platforms offered by the stock market can be made only through a registered share market broker. There is no doubt that every investor and trader will certainly look for the best type of broker who can provide trading account and transactions at affordable services charges. Important types of stock brokers Stockbrokers of the country are classified into three categories. They include the discount stock broker, full-service broker and stockbroker with…

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What Makes CRM Advertising a Necessity for Competitive Businesses?

CRM Advertising

If your favourite shoe brand sends you an email with a discount coupon, how excited would you be to buy from them again? But, if upon clicking through, you realize that the coupon applies only to bright pink stilettos that as a businesswoman you neither need nor like, would your excitement be the same? Or, would your betrayed expectations lead to disappointment, only to be followed up by frustration? As a business-savvy person, you’d quickly understand that you’ve been on a receiving end of an email marketing campaign gone awry,…

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How an ERP Software can help a Business to Meet GST Compliance?

Since the time the new indirect tax regime of the country has kicked in, it has left the businesses baffled. The taxation has become so difficult that it has become almost impossible for people to manage things on their own and that too without seeking any assistance from an external source. This is the main reason behind the excessive suffering of those businesses which haven’t sought the help of a competent GST tool till now. GST compliance is a necessity which has to be met at all costs and it…

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How to push your Employees to Achieve their full potential

Employees to Achieve their full potential

If you have ever been a leader, no matter how big a company or small a group you had; you know its no easy task. It takes a lot of time to get to understand the nature of your employees. By the time you get to know your employees, a number of years have passed. You need to know your employees if you want to push them to achieve their full potential. But how do you get to know each one of your employees in a short period of time…

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4 Essential Financial Lessons Business Owners Need to Learn

When planning to set-up a business after the GST roll-out, you need to be careful and extremely knowledgeable. You need to follow the GST norms while keeping in mind your business objectives. It is difficult for start-ups to generate revenue until they try hard and hire hard-working and dedicated employees to gain growth. GST implementation will help start-ups to grow in the competitive market by offering them certain benefits such as composition scheme. It is a scheme in which businesses whose annual turnover is less than 75 lakhs can get…

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