From A to Z all about Sukanya Yojna Calculator

Sukanya Yojna Calculator

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme back in 2014, a major initiative of the Narendra Modi government. sukanya yojana calculator is the planning tool for planning / calculating a prosperity account, as well as the amount due every year. How to use Sukanya Kalyan Schemes / Calculator account Let’s understand a little about the earlier Sukanya Samriddhi account plan/scheme. Sukanya Yojana calculator can be opened only for girls in the age group of 10 years. The account has a maturity of 21 years, and money can be withdrawn once the child reaches…

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5 Tips You Must Consider Before Opting for a Housing Loan

Housing loan

Purchasing a residential property is one of the significant financial decisions in one’s life. Along with the exponential rise in the real estate sector, there is a steady growth of home loans in the financial market as well. India’s leading financial institutions and NBFCs are cashing in on this real estate boom by providing borrower-friendly home loans to help prospective buyers make their necessary purchase. However, most borrowers are unaware of the formalities they need to fulfil their housing loan approved. Henceforth, individuals who want to avail a home loan…

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Enjoy Multiple Added Benefits with the RBL Bank SuperCard

Ever since the demonetisation in 2016, usage of plastic money in India has increased considerably. So much so that, according to the Reserve Bank of India, India added about 8.7 million credit cards to the system between 2017 and 2018. Now, credit cards are extremely convenient when it comes to cashless payment methods. However, if you are seeking something more, like a free movie ticket credit card or a card through which you can withdraw cash from ATMs without hefty charges, you can avail a Bajaj Finserv credit card. What…

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Which is good mutual funds or FD for long-term savings?

Fixed deposits and mutual funds are the two top-of-the-mind investment options for those looking to save taxes and get good returns. While FD is a relatively conventional investment option, mutual funds are also catching up fast. If you are a new investor trying to figure out which is better among the two, read this article further to make an informed financial choice. So, what do you understand by a fixed deposit or an FD, the oft-suggested investment option? It is an amount that you deposit with a bank for a…

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If You Are Looking For Personal Loan, Check Your Eligibility First

Personal Loan

A personal loan can be a great aid in times of financial crunch. As a multi-purpose loan, it can be used to buy a house, pay for your child’s education, reimburse medical bills, go on an international vacation, pay existing debts and much more. However, to avail a quick personal loan, you have to meet specific conditions. This article lists down eligibility conditions that you may want to check before applying for a personal loan. Age, Income, and Employment History Different lenders have different eligibility criteria to qualify for a…

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Use the Housing Loan Calculator to Ease Your Financial Planning

With the demand for housing loans set to grow by up to 19%, it is becoming one of the most preferred options to finance housing dreams all over India. While these loans give funds of high-value, lenders also offer ample time to repay through an extended repayment tenor. As for borrowers, they also need proper financial planning to repay such a high amount. In that case, a home loan installment calculator can come to the rescue. Also known as an EMI calculator, its use can help you plan your monthly…

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How to get the GST registration done?

GST registration

According to the rules and regulation of government which has been introduced to get people available with best services,   it is a must for a private firm to have available with GST registration. If the turnover of your business exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs per annum then it is a must for you to have the same available with you. Also, some of the norms of the government has shown that if the turnover lied in between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs, then also it is a must for…

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Gratuity Calculator: Online Gratuity Calculator To Calculate Gratuity

Gratuity is an additional benefit which employees tend to look at once they complete a few years of service with their employer. As an employee, it is quite possible that you do not know how much gratuity is getting accumulated in your account. However, it is a significant source of funds for your retirement years. Especially if you are a full-time permanent employee, this can be a part of your overall superannuation package. Employees tend to be at a loss for calculating the sum of money they would receive and…

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