Why the Professional Business Strategy Has Gained Importance

Business Strategy

In simplest terms, the professional business strategy is basically a documented plan on how a company can go about achieving their goals. The professional business strategy simply consists a number of key principles that outlines how an organization will set out to achieve its goals. This involved how to deal with the competitors, looking at the current needs and the expectations of the consumers. This will also help in examining the long-term growth and sustainability of their company. Having a strategy is crucial is because it gives the business ample…

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Start-up Business Loans

Business Loans

Students and parents equally struggle to make up for the engineering fees throughout the years. Somehow, they dig deep into their reserves to get the needs fulfilled. Education is essential and engineering is a dream for many. Keeping that in mind, through the thick and thins, they overcome everything. But as soon as the education gets over and the time to become self-responsible comes, they lack funds to start-up and accomplish their dreams. A lot of people have the ideas and creativity to become a successful self-employed personal. However, as…

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The Sweet Impact of GST on Mercedes-Benz Prices

Impact of GST

The pan India roll out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) with effect from 1st of July aims at doing away with the multitude of indirect taxes that were levied by both States and Centre, with a simplified four tiered tax structure besides creating a single market. The new four tiered rates of 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% is expected to boost the economy and create conditions for investors to invest in India. Like all other luxury goods, luxury cars too have been clubbed under the highest 28% tax slab…

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6 Effective Measures to Generate Potential Lead Through IVR

Generate Potential Lead

Do you remember the call you recently made to enquire about your new cell-phone problem? Then you also remember that a robotic lady-like voice that instructed you to follow her if you want to speak to a live customer care agent. It might have sounded something like this; “Welcome to Mobile city…to register a complaint press 4, to speak with our agent press 5, to go to the main menu press # …” Advancement of technology is speaking to you. It is an IVR, Interactive Voice Response. This technology allows…

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How to Reduce Costs with the Help of Outsourcing?


Ronald Coase, a Nobel laureate in economics in 1991 noted that companies will grow to the extent that the costs of organizing additional operations within the company became equal to the cost of purchase of the same operation on the market. Syntax ERP Solutions is always here to respond to all the needs you have related to hosting. Simply contact us and let us know what you need. We will provide you with the help you need. This formulation, known as the Coase’s law, explains the essence of outsourcing. As organizations…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Transport Tender Writing

Transport Tender Writing

Transport tenders can be highly competitive and require a solid understanding of the transport industry. They are often very price driven so you need to be conscious of competitive pricing if bidding on a transport tender. A solid demonstrated experience section will allow you to talk about relevant projects you have completed in the past or are currently completing, adding to your credibility and showing the evaluation panel that you have the capability to do the job. When writing a transport tender, you should assume that the buyer has no…

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Reasons Your Business Needs A Virtual Phone Number

Business Needs A Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number is a telephone number without a direct line or a phone set. It is a programmed online portal that call forwards the incoming calls to a pre-determined set of numbers that are chosen by the developer. It consists of automated messages that provide answering services through those options a customer can enquire about products and services or even speak to a customer care executive. The portal is linked with several other phone numbers, mobile numbers. Like in weekdays the calls are forwarded to the office numbers but…

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