Ahmedabad: 6 places that will make your trip complete

Ahmedabad places to visit

Are you planning on going on a Gujarat tour, where Ahmedabad will be your premier spot? Well, then get ready to explore a truly beautiful city with a lot of things to do and see!

When you head out for this tour first fish out the best resort in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, book your room there and then head out to explore the city on your own. Try to book a place that is located in the heart of the city so that you have an increased accessibility of transport and the travel time is less. Let’s take a look at the top 6 places in this city that are a must for your trip:

  1. Gandhi Ashram: When in Ahmedabad, you finally have the opportunity to visit a place that you have read of in your history books. This is the place where Gandhiji practised the way of life he preached. He stayed here with the bare necessities of life and used to spin his own cloth, a thing which he inspired his followers to do as well. It was also from this place that he and his followers set on the Dandi March that marked the beginning of the civil disobedience movement. It is located in Sabarmati and you can still visit the room where Gandhiji himself used to live.
  2. Jama Masjid: Built by Ahmed Shah this a truly beautiful piece of architecture and lovely place of worship that one ought to visit. Following its namesake in Delhi, this mosque too covers a large area and has over 15 domes that are supported by no less than 300 pillars. There is a meditative quality in the air of this place which makes it one of the most soulful and quiet retreats that this city can offer.
  3. Jhulta Minara: Head out from one of the hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat where you will be staying and then visit the Jhulta Minara. This basically a pair of pillars that are connected to each other in some invisible way. When you shake one pillar, the vibrations of it can be felt in the other one. This is a really interesting architectural phenomenon that needs to be experienced with one’s own eyes.
  4. Dada Hari ka vav: Speaking of architecture, this is another lovely place that one must visit when in Ahmedabad. This step well was built by a woman who belonged to the harem of Sultan Begara. This place remains cool throughout the year and is a perfect respite for the summer months.
  5. Manek Chowk: You cannot leave Ahmedabad without enjoying the night time snacks at Manek Chowk. The food stalls open at around midnight in this place and they offer some of the best snacks in the city. Do try them out.
  6. Kankaria Lake: The largest lake in Ahmedabad, the Kankaria lake, gets all decked up in lights in the evening and is a lovely and breezy place to be at during the lazy evenings in the city.

So, these are the 6 places that are a must visit for you when on your trip. Make sure you make room for them in your tour itinerary.

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