Adding Value to Properties With Effectively Planned Central Air Conditioning Installation

Central Air Conditioning

While one takes the decision of installing the central air conditioning system to an existing house, the statistics say that there are lots of companies in the market to do the job. The trend of having centrally air conditioned spaces started way back in the 1990s, and as of recently, more than 60 percent of homes have already been installed with this system. However, about 87 percent of all the homes in US residency enjoy some form of AC within. Apart from the already existing constructions, 90 percent of all the new homes that are being built have central air conditioning systems already installed within.


Now, most of the experts have tried to analyze why these central air conditioning machines have been the most viable, whole house option for bringing in the coolness and comfort to an already existing home. The window units, which were conventionally used in most of the houses actually provided the comfort to single rooms or even the small enclosed areas. Especially in the hot and humid climate zones, having the window units only led to the residents restricted in a confined space while the rest of the house was highly uncomfortable.

In addition to this, having multiple window units for the individual rooms proved to be highly expensive than having a single air conditioning unit which had the capability of cooling the entire space, especially when the substantial advances in efficiency is being brought into consideration. Another plus point of having central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn is the improvement in the indoor air quality. Apart from adding the coolness to every room, these units actually act as the air filtration system for the entire house. The blower inside the unit turns over the entire volume of air for quite a few times in a day. As the household air keeps circulating through the ductwork, the system filter keeps removing the airborne particles including the allergens, dust, and all other irritants to protect the quality of air within.

For those who have a forced air furnace in their house, the ductwork needed for the central air conditioning installation in Manhattan is already done, and in many cases, the heating units can be connected to these existing ductwork. Hiring a quality HVAC contractor can do the obvious calculation effortlessly and determine if the remaining ductwork can serve the process or it needs some up-gradation for an energy efficient blower to perform advisably.

When the new ductwork needs to be installed, it calls for some extensive renovation, and the most common of them is the opening of wall voids. Hiring the experienced contractors will help in finding the right size of HVAC unit for cooling the entire home effectively and also keeping the energy consumption in mind. An oversized unit is a big hindrance and often leads to the noticeable temperature swing due to failure in extracting the humidity effectively. So while the central air conditioning systems are installed in the homes or even office spaces, one must keep in mind of all these factors to ensure the best performance and even maintaining the hygiene.


With the temperature soaring every single day, it might not be possible to sustain without the central air conditioning units that can cool the entire construction evenly. The window units have several restrictions and that gives the central HVAC units the edge.

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