5 Guidelines to Pack Electronics for Moving

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Electronic gadgets are most delicate ones to pack in comparison to all other movables. They require immense degree of focus while packing and moving. In today’s techno savvy world, everyone uses multiple electronic devices. Laptops, computers, Televisions, Tablets etc. are some of the exclusive ones, which we use in our day to day life.

It is Strongly Suggested to Follow Below Mentioned Packing Tips for Safer Relocation:

  1. Safety Measures

  • Electronic devices have very crucial data, which is very important for business. It is very essential to take back up of all data in hard disk, for safety purpose. Movers and Packers in Noida helps to relocate your electronics devices from one palce to another easily. No one wish to even think of damage or lose of these electronics, but better to be on safer side for any emergency situation.
  • Keep user manuals of all electronics handy, as you will require to reinstate the device again in the new home. Keep them together in one pouch along with hard disk. If you don’t have user manual handy, then download online in advance to avoid last minute hassle after relocation.
  • Install tracking apps in phones and laptops, which will help in locating them if they get misplaced or stolen while shifting. Always use difficult passwords on laptops apart from birth dates, so that becomes harder to crack.
  1. Disconnect Gadgets before packing

  • Carefully disconnect the gadget from electricity. In case of many sockets, it is recommended to take a snap shot to avoid confusion while restoring.
  • One smart way is to buy multiple colour labelling stickers. While removing one plug from electronic device, put a sticker of one colour there and the same colour of sticker should be stick on that cord. Use different colours’ of stickers for multiple cords. This will easier the reinstating process. Ensure that wires do not get mixed up with other gadgets otherwise things will get messy. Keep cords of one gadget together and properly foiled. Keep all gadgets away from water in the entire packing and moving procedure to avoid mutilation. Movers and Packers
  1. Use High Quality Packing Material

  • Having original packing cartons are the best option for any gadget. It makes packing process easier and safer for moving, but if you do not have original boxes, then you require to find best match for particular electronics. For safety purpose, it is better to use box, which is little larger in size then gadget. While packing, you will require to put packing material all around to save gadget from any jerk while moving.
  • Wipe all cords and wires nicely and seal them all by ensuring that you don’t forget to keep them along with gadget.
  • For safer packing, get thermal sheets from the market of different size and thickness. Thermal sheets are considered as safety provider for any electronics. Wrap the gadget with bubbled wrappers properly. Bubbled wrappers are little costly, but they are best safety providers for your expensive gadget.
  1. Follow Safest Packing Techniques

  • Choose suitable side of cardboard and seal the bottom properly by using high quality tape from inside and outside. Ideally it is to be covered the entire bottom centre and up to the box sides about one third of the length of box. This is to ensure that box can hold the weight of the packed gadget.
  • Keep multiple layers of thermal sheets on the bottom of the box. Wrap the entire electronic device into high quality bubbled wrapper and place it slowly in the middle of the box. Cover all sides with thermal sheets and feel extra gaps with paper crumbles and soft thick sponges to avoid any movement inside the box while moving it.
  • Put thermal sheets on the top and seal the box by using taps. Stick proper label on the box with clear signs of “Fragile, Handle with Care, This Side Up” on it. This will alert mover while lifting and moving things from one place to another.
  • Carefully load box into the van by using advanced loading technology. Ensure that box is properly covered by blankets from all sides and nothing else is kept above it. Similar caution is needed while moving and unloading.
  1. Reinstating Properly at New Home

  • After unloading, instruct your movers about the corner where you wish them to keep particular electronical device. You require to check if electric supply cord is matching with the socket. Check electric supply with sensor board and ensure that it’s not very high, low or fluctuating.
  • Unpack the box cautiously and unwrapped the product by safely removing wrappers and thermal sheets around. Check if no external damage or scratch has appeared while moving. In case of any, immediately take a snap shot and register a complaint with moving company to get compensate, as any delay may not eligible you for later claims. You can avail Home Relocation Services in Delhi NCR which will helps you from Moving to New Home. Clean the device and cords properly.

Reinstate all cords by the help of manual book and colour stickers. Properly match the cord with each socket. Once all cords are corrected properly, start gadget in the presence of movers, to assure that it is in the working like before or not. In case of any problem, immediately complain moving company.

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