3 reasons why the Callback Service is deemed as a ‘Rescuer’ for BPO Firms

From small organizations to global ones, everyone wants to approach the best BPO companies in order to offer unmatched support service to customers. BPO firms also try to give their best so that clients don’t get disappointed.

For keeping the CSAT score stable, it is always advised to offer facilities like self-service, callback, etc. With time, the significance of callback service has been increased as it helps BPO firms to maintain the momentum of the ongoing success.

That’s why the callback service is considered as a ‘Rescuer’ for BPO companies. Let’s see how this service helps:

1.    Reduces call abandonment rate

From the business’s perception, making customers wait for a long period of time is a sort of crime. We know it sounds bit harsh but prompt resolutions are the major factor that can help to ensure a long-term relationship with customers.

During the peak hours, the hassle of high call abandonment rate comes out and ruins the brand image. After waiting for a couple of minutes, customers are more likely to disconnect the call as they have other work to do.

Industry reports have revealed that 75% of customers want a company to offer callback service so that there will be no need to wait for a long time so as to get connected with support agents.

More to the point, callback service can reduce the call abandonment rate more than 32%. After knowing this, you shouldn’t have more doubts about why this service is deemed as a rescuer for the best BPO companies.

2.    Ensures high FCR rate

Are you wondering how callback service is related to FCR (first call resolution) rate? Actually, during the high call volume, support agents put more focus on reducing the average handle time. Owing to this, support agents don’t solve customers’ issues properly. This not only makes a negative impact on the CSAT score but also invites the hassle of repeat calls.

Getting multiple calls from customers regarding the same problem could easily raise questions on the business’s credibility. From the business’s perspective, this is awful. Here, providing a callback service could be proved as the best decision.

The prime benefit of offering callback service is that it can reduce the average number of support queries to a great extent. Because of lesser support queries, agents are more likely to wipe-out customers’ issues in the first attempt. As a result, high FCR rate will be on the cards.

3.    Improves agents’ productivity

We have saved the best for the last. For BPO firms, support agents are everything as they are the core of the business. Customer service agents can give their best if they aren’t under the burden of a workload.

As we have already told that, callback service reduces the average number of support queries significantly, which consequently, reduce the workload.

In a nutshell, callback service is the X-factor that helps BPO firms in several ways.

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