Home Buying Advice for Young Couples

For young couples the purchase of a new home is quite common. One can either opt to rent a new apartment or one can take a leap and opt for purchase of a house. If you are planning to buy a new home it is inevitable that you have to procure a loan for it due to the sky high prices of property in today’s age. Home loan provider India however look into various criteria before sanctioning a home loan as they do not want to go in to debt…

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How to Choose a Loan to Address a Medical Emergency in India

According to India Spends, approximately 6.3 crore people are driven into poverty each year thanks to high cost of healthcare facilities in India every year. This study, released by the Public Health Foundation of India, also reveals that usually about 60% of health expenses are covered out of pocket. Even with a good health insurance policy, you may fall short of the funds required to cover your hospital bill. In such cases, a loan can help you meet costs associated with the medical treatment. However, choosing the right loan is…

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Do Loan Sharks Play a Viable Part in South Africa’s Credit Market?

South Africa’s Credit Market

Many people will think they already know the answer to that question, but recent research has suggested that loan sharks could play an important part in the financial lives of many South Africans. For most of us, loan sharks, also known as ‘mashonisas’, conjure up images of burly men banging on doors and intimidate people into handing over money they do not have. However, recent research by Wonga South Africa has found that the reality of this type of lender does not always match the stereotype. What did the study…

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