BPO, KPO, and Call Centre—Petals of the same flower

What is it? The Phenomenon of ‘call-centre’ or a centralized telephonic one-stop pit is fairly recent. Back in the 1960s, an English press company called the Birmingham Press and Mail is credited with the origin of this modern-day necessity. It had private exchanges that included several workstations to handle its customer contacts. Nowadays, these exchanges are called ‘Private Branch exchanges’, that can automatically route, distribute calls with interactive voice response where the caller can select options such as, which language he is most comfortable, which department he wants to talk…

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What to and what not to expect from an Inbound Call Centre?

All of us are aware of the fact that call centre agents are highly efficient in maintaining politeness and patience in their jobs. While on call, along with their expertise in performing tasks, the reps showcase the warmest behavior and try to resolve every registered query with efficiency. But, many times, the customers who reach out to the operators do not know when to make a call, what questions to ask or how to gain the maximum satisfaction? Despite their maximum efforts in keeping calm, the situation sometimes worsens and…

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Most Important Questions To Ask Before Sending Your Parcel

Important Questions To Ask Before Sending Your Parcel

Depending on the nature, scale and type of business you have, you might have different size, shape and weight of items to be shipped to other destinations. However, you seldom think about options that you have when it comes to selecting the delivery company. It is very common for most people to choose the top names in the field because of extensive marketing of these names. However, your choice should not only be governed by familiarity of a name. Region-specific companies should not be ruled out. For example, if your…

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The Relevance of Data Science in Today’s World

Data Science

Today, data science is all that organizations are busy focusing on. That’s because, over the last decade, there has been so much data generated as well as retained by companies, also known as ‘big data’ that can be used in many innovative ways to make smarter decisions. The power of big data is evident in multiple industries now. In a healthcare company, big data can actually save and improve lives. By having plentiful data of a patient and the surroundings they stay in, it is possible to construct models that…

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