10 Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad for Your Health

Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad

Smoking is detrimental to your body and overall health in many ways. Not only it has an adverse effect on the person who smokes, passive smokers also get badly affected, especially the fetus. Smoking has never turned into one’s advantage except for the companies that manufacture them. Take a look at the various harmful effects of smoking on the human body.

  1. Heart diseases

As per many medical reports by various health organizations, the risk of stroke and heart diseases increase with excessive smoking. It causes the shrinking of blood vessels that leads to blood delivery shortage to cells in the body. Smoking also enhances the danger of an aneurysm, which means ballooning and weakening of blood vessels. Breakdown of an aneurysm can lead to stroke or sudden death.

  1. Lung and respiratory disorders

Smoking dysfunctions the natural capability of lungs to repair and keep the respiratory system clean. The harmful elements found in the tobacco, mainly tar and nicotine, damages the alveoli and cilia. Not only smoking causes lung diseases, it also leads to constant coughing. Chainsmokers often complain about trouble in breathing.

  1. Smoking causes cancer

Cigarette smoke consists of numerous harmful ingredients, and almost half of them are proved to be the root of cancer. Smokers face a high chance of cancers like stomach cancer, lung cancer, and mouth cancer and so on. In women, chances of cancer in cervix increases, as it was discovered by the medical professionals while assessingJoey Feek cancer symptoms. More than ninety percent of lung cancer cases across the world are due to excessive cigarette smoking.

  1. Weak bones

Women smokers face a higher rate of osteoporosis after a certain age and some even go through hip fractures after menopause.

  1. Secondary harm

Non-smokers also suffer from cancer and other diseases due to secondhand smoke. The American Cancer Society cited that secondhand smoke leads to more than 45,000 deaths caused by heart disorders and 3,400 die due to lung cancer in America every year. According to a report, children exposed to a smoking surrounding get affected by colds and ear infections, as well as, premature infant death syndrome.

  1. Teeth, mouth and throat issues

Teeth discolor and decreased sensations of taste and smell are quite common among smokers. There are many cases in the world where mouth, lips and throat cancers have been sourced by excessive smoking.

  1. Complications during pregnancy

Women who smoke are more likely to experience infertility. Besides, smoking, while being pregnant has a higher possibility of premature births, stillbirths and low birth weight babies.

  1. Triggers asthma

Smoking and secondhand smoke generally lead to asthma attacks. Since smoking is an addiction, it can be highly risky to continue smoking while facing an asthma problem, making the situation even more difficult to control.

  1. Skin abnormality

Another sign of smoking is skin changes. There are certain substances in tobacco smoke that leads to the structural change of the skin. A recent research reveals that smoking increases the chances of squamous cell carcinoma or skin cancer.

  1. Premature death

Finally, the ultimate risk of smoking leads to sudden or premature death. A study shows that smokers are likely to die earlier compared to non-smokers.


Smoking activates many kinds of risks including the health care costs as well. From a variety of cancers to body disorders, smoking is indeed injurious to health and steps should be taken to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

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